Making Innovation Work

Making Innovation Work

Coaching Partnerships for Inclusive Agribusiness

This blended course allows you to adapt to the constantly changing environment of the agriculture sector and bring real change. Skills learned in this course will allow you to interact successfully with multiple stakeholders and find solutions for everyone involved for sustainable impact.

"Making Innovation Work" allows you to become a key player in making innovation work for the agribusiness sector. 

We hear it all to often: you want help small scale farmers to increase their income and you have some very beneficial solutions for them. However, they hardly seem to be interested to collaborate with you. Many researchers, GO and NGO professionals often struggle to motivate various stakeholders to actively participate in innovation processes. They invest a lot of time and effort and still key players drop-out and impact remains little.  

But it doesn't have to be like that! Your contribution can have real impact when you know how:

  • to deal and navigate the complexity and unpredictability that are inherent to innovation processes.
  • to dive into the world of the people you intend to work with and speak their language to identify how to support them best
  • to find out the different interests and facilitate towards common ground, by considering the minority view
  • to identify win-win solutions - without having to compromise
  • to recognise ‘bumps in the road’ and successfully handling conflict and design mitigation strategies by effectively reflecting and learning
  • to understand yourself and your role in a team and process

This is exactly what you will learn in the course "Making Innovation Work"!

"I used to struggle with how to create a team which I don't need to chase; a team in which all of us work together on development and cooperate". 

Toni Apita, Facilitation for Peace and Development (FAPAD) in Uganda (iCRA Alumnus 2015) 

What kind of course is this?

The course Making Innovation Work is a three months blended learning programme. It combines the advantages of group learning and digital (on and offline) learning instruments.

In the group training you will learn from people from different contexts, getting exposure to other realities during real-life case studies and field visits. During the group training you will also be exposed to interactive learning and facilitation techniques that might inspire and serve as role model for you.

The digital instruments will allow you to learn in the time that suite best to your agenda. It will also assure application and adaptation to own reality while being coached by trainers with a wide range of experience.

Course components

Two-week group training in the Netherlands (residential/in-person)

You will about the building blocks of innovation process and how to navigate projects in complex settings. You will learn how to involve the relevant stakeholders and motivate them to commit. You will visit and talk to stakeholders that are part of a multi-stakeholder innovation process in the Netherlands and learn about the dynamics of such process and the roles of the various actors. 

You will learn how to design multi-stakeholder meetings. How to guide group discussion towards successful outcomes while keeping everybody on board and finish in time. You will how to facilitate negation processes towards win-win solutions. 

Digital modules (online)

You learn about models for inclusive business development. The various way you can play a role as broker in these innovation processes, this will help to enlarge you network effectively, to profile yourself and your organisation better to attract more projects and funding.

The digital modules consist of audio and video files, transcripts, ready-made templates, background reading and practical assignments.

Individual coaching (online)

You will get personal feedback of the iCRA trainers and fellow trainees on your practical assignments and implementation coaching after the group training. This way you will assisted to apply everything you learned in an effective way and achieve your personal learning objectives to the max.     

Online mastermind sessions (online)

During online group mastermind sessions, you can ask all the questions you like and discuss and reflect upon common challenges with your fellow trainees and iCRA trainer.  

Who can attend this course?

The course is specially designed for professionals that:

  • Are ambitious and work in agricultural research, extension, farmer organisations and private sector.
  • Have more than 5 years’ experience in designing, facilitating and coaching on-the-job participatory processes stimulating inclusive development and food security.
  • Are committed to invest time in their personal development as a change agent in inclusive agribusiness development.
  • Are proficient in English.

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The ICRA course “Making Innovation Work” is a recognised NUFFIC course and therefore qualifies for OKP & MENA scholarships. Each course participant will receive a certificate of attendance after successfully completing all components of the course.


Date and venue

3 – 14 June | Wageningen, the Netherlands (1 May - 31 July full programme incl online learning)
30 Sep - 11 Oct | Wageningen, the Netherlands (1 Sep - 30 Nov full programme, incl online learning)

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