iCRA - Building Trust in Value Chains

iCRA - Building Trust in Value Chains

We believe in creating partnerships and common goals. We believe in building trust in value chains.

iCRA is dedicated to improve business relationships at the source of agricultural value chains. We believe that mutual understanding of each other’s context and (local) reality leads to solutions that benefit everyone involved.

iCRA strengthens value chain actors individually, in organizations and in networks, so they're in a better position to connect, collaborate and negotiate for a stronger, profitable and sustainable value chain. 

People working at the source of the value chains and those concerned with the chain as a whole (as a support service for example), ultimately, share the same goals – but despite this, often are not in tune with each other. 

At the source of value chains, smallholder farmers, traders and processors often operate in volatile conditions. Dealing with the risks of weather, pests and markets remains challenging. Satisfying today’s needs may be chosen over building future business. These constraints can lead to missed opportunities offered by lucrative value chains and in the way of sustainable and profitable business relationships between actors. A farmer is going to need income at a certain moment to protect their livelihood, pay loans, send children to school, while a processor might demand input at a different moment and moves on to another supplier when this farmer can't deliver because she already sold her harvest. 

Service providers and knowledge organizations concerned with food security and improved livelihoods do not always recognize these constraints. It is often assumed all actors in the agricultural value chain follow the same logic and that progress can be made by improving technical and financial management aspects alone. It can be challenging to close the gap between theory and practice and conduct research- and develop projects, or offer support services, that fit the local reality of all value chain actors. 

When people working at the source of value chains and those concerned with the chain connect and collaborate, the value chain becomes profitable and sustainable for all actors.

At iCRA, we build trust in value chains. 

iCRA is managed by an Executive Board and supervised by a Supervisory Board. An Advisory Board is in place to support iCRA. iCRA has offices in Wageningen, the Netherlands and Montpellier, France, and staff based across Europe and Africa. Additionally, we work with a broad array of professional associates in many of our partner countries who share our vision and ways of working.

iCRA is a member of the Agrinatura, AgriProFocus and PIE (Platform of International Education) networks.


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