iCRA’s Agribusiness Coaching Curriculum

Building Local Networks for Integrated Agribusiness Development

Why this cluster coaching curriculum?

iCRA designed below modules within the framework of the 2SCALE programme – “Toward Sustainable Clusters in Agribusiness through Learning in Entrepreneurship” – during 2012–2017. 2SCALE is one of the largest business incubators in Africa, which focuses on the creation and strengthening of local “agribusiness clusters” (ABCs) around a particular commodity within a particular area.

The idea behind ABCs is to improve trust and therefore efficiency of transactions between different actors in the business of producing and processing a commodity, and then getting it to the market. ABCs typically include local networks of smallholder farmer groups, processors and traders of a given value chain, as well as the input dealers, financial institutions, transporters and service providers. Our experience is that the most productive ABCs are those that have strong and well-organised member groups, including farmers and small and enterprises that are able to network well and be innovative. Through our service delivery model for ABC coaching, iCRA makes this happen.

iCRA’s ABC coaching curriculum and series of learning modules are based on 30+ years of knowledge and expertise on capacity strengthening in agriculture.

Business relations & linkages

Below modules are based on our coaching experiences and were designed to increase understanding of business relations and linkages. There are two lines of linkages that the modules aim to strengthen: horizontal (to create better links within the actor groups, particularly between farmers who are often the more vulnerable and less organised of the groups); and vertical (to strengthen links between actors along the value chain, from producers to the market). In this way, higher quality and fresher products reach the market, and farmer and SME incomes improve. By coaching ABCs around particular value chains to improve farmers’ (and SME’s) negotiating and networking capacities, local entrepreneurial development is boosted.

iCRA Agribusiness Cluster Coaching Curriculum

iCRA ABC coaching curriculum overview
Module 1: Introduction to Local Networking and Empowerment 
Module 2: Building Business Relationships
Module 3: Brokering in Value Chain Partnerships
Module 4: Financial Education
Module 5: Support Rural Organisations
Module 6: Economic Analysis and Crop Budgeting
Module 7: Introduction to Marketing of Agricultural products
Module 8: Marketing Planning
Module 9: Marketing Prospecting
Module 10: Promoting Agricultural Products
Module 11: Warrantage of Agricultural Products
Module 12: Negotiating and Contracting
Module 13: Business Plan
Learning Module Series – Additonal Guides



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