Training & Courses

Training & Courses

Training and courses to equip agri-food professionals to work across organisational boundaries.

iCRA's courses are a unique opportunity for professionals in the agricultural sector to get together and gain insights on aspects on interactive learning, research and rural innovation. Courses are challenging and hands-on with a range of activities including field visits, and training is adapted to participants’ needs, building on their own experiences.

"When you are on the ground talking to different partners, you notice the people who have gone through iCRA courses. They have a more multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach to agriculture and rural development.”

iCRA trains agricultural professionals in tertiary education, knowledge & research institutions and business advisory services. Our courses develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to work across disciplinary and organizational boundaries, engage public and private sectors and improve livelihoods along the value chain. Our courses have significantly changed over time in terms of design, but always have been founded on participative and experiential learning methods. This is because personal growth and leadership development has remained the number one desired outcome for our course participants.

iCRA has over 35 years of experience as a professional course provider

We have trained over 1000 agricultural professionals from all over the world in different positions: deans and heads of faculties of universities and vocational education & training centers, research programme managers and coordinators, multi-stakeholder innovation facilitators, leaders from NGOs, foundations, government ministries, extension agencies, private advisory services and donor organizations. 

To meet the needs of our participants, we are currently developing online learning options; allowing participants to continue the iCRA journey when they go back home. 

iCRA’s courses in The Netherlands include:

In Kenya and Nigeria; iCRA is currently delivering this agribusiness course:


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