Jean Boudillon


Jean is one of our newest Agribusiness and Soft skill coach here at iCRA, with a special focus on francophone Africa.


With a background as a Food and Agriculture Engineer and a specialization in Agroecology, his job consists in making the best out of available resources, be they natural resources or people resources. Along with his permaculture approach, he has always believed that potentials are unlimited and that it is only a design issue. How you arrange the elements of a system determines how well they work together.


With practical hands-on work on farms around the world and experiences working on his own ventures, Jean developed a large array of tools to launch products, grow food and innovate on the market: with Lean startup methodologies, Design thinking, or with co-creation, Jean believes you can develop the right product for the right people


Jean also has a degree and experiences in sales and marketing. He worked in the retail world in Paris as a salesman and marketer and he will help you to grow your network and develop your business.


Jeans main focus is on People. Here too potentials are unlimited and social and emotional intelligence determines your degree of connection with other people and thus, your degree of leverage. He believes one can grow far if you provide him/her with the right mindset and the right tools to develop, Jean will help you with that. People and soft skills are one of the most unrecognized tool to grow business and Jean intends to change that.


To find out more about him, visit his LinkedIn profile here or get in touch with him directly, he will be more than happy to have a chat with you. 

Agribusiness and Soft Skill Coach

  +31 (0)317 422 938