Mirte van Os


Mirte is iCRA’s Junior Expert and the youngest of the team.

On the one hand she offers logistical and content development support during courses and training sessions. She will make sure that all participants submit their assignments, that course-events run smoothly and that there will be a party at the end of your stay in Wageningen. In the meantime, she will develop her skills as a professional trainer and start providing sessions.

She has a degree in International Relations and Africa Studies, but mostly calls herself an anthropologist.

On the other hand, Mirte is an AMID-Trainee (Advanced master’s in international development). She will apply the knowledge of the program directly to our organization. One of her goals is to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation tool that measures iCRA’s trust building.

To find out more about Mirte, see her LinkedIn profile here.

Junior Expert

  +31 (0)317 422 938