Mundie Salm


Mundie is a thoughtful colleague. She knows the power of learning like no other. This makes her an excellent facilitator, who won’t shy away from discussing different points of view and then taking an alternative route if needed. Her colleagues, partners and students are her teachers as much as she is theirs.

For more than 20(!) years, Mundie has roamed this planet on professional assignments to learn how others learn.

She gets passionate when discussing gender issues, power dynamics and strengthening possibilities for and with minorities. Developing inclusive education and curricula is not just Mundie’s work; it is her purpose.

You will connect with Mundie when partnering with iCRA on a project that aims to strengthen universities, colleges of applied sciences and lectures, as well as when you follow an iCRA course in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Mundie thrives in multi-cultural environments where everyone has a different experience to share and learn from. Growing up in Canada in a Dutch household, and later living in Africa and Europe, being at the interface of diverse communities is her ‘normal’.

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Education, Learning + Outreach

  +31 (0)317 422 938