Simona Giancola


Hi! I am Simona, I am native Italian and studied and worked abroad for many years, of which the last 10 in the Netherlands.

After graduating in International Relations at Bologna University and in Adult learning didactics at Siena University, I have been trained as trainer and facilitator at some of the best training schools in the Netherlands: MDF, Schouten&Nelissen and the Galan School for training.

I joined iCRA as a trainer in August 2020, and before that I have worked as trainer, facilitator, training coordinator and learning consultant in international non-profit organizations for over 8 years now in the fields of tropical agriculture, sustainability, education and children’s rights. I never grow tired of this work!

I am a people person with a persistent curiosity about human nature, talent development and interpersonal relationships. Living and working in different countries and with people from all over the world, gave me the great opportunity to deepen my understanding of interpersonal relations and cross-cultural interaction, and to cultivate my passion for foreign languages. I can fluently speak English, Italian and Dutch, and French and Spanish at intermediate level.

When I am not working you are likely to find me walking in the nature, reading, watching movies, practicing yoga, listening to music, biking, enjoying time with friends, learning something new and travelling whenever I can. I love to explore new places, get in touch with new people, habits and cultures.

To find out more about Simona, see her LinkedIn profile here.

Simona Giancola

Simona Giancola

Training Coordinator

  +31 (0)317 422 938