Toon Defoer


Toon is a colleague known for his dedication and perseverance. Once he sinks his teeth in challenge, he is all-in!

iCRA alumni and staff refer to him as an engaging and empathetic leader and trainer. His experience in Africa, combined with a very strong technical background, make up the solid foundation that allows him to, together, find pathways to sustainable solutions that really work.

Toon is a trainer with an entrepreneurial and creative mindset who is passionate about understanding the challenges and opportunities his participants face in their daily lives.

Not only does this mean that his trainings and teachings can actually be applied, it has also allowed him to gather an inspiring collection of real-life case studies.

Expect to hear how ideas, methodologies and innovations where applied by your peers, when Toon uses these cases and takes you way beyond theory.

It is a majestic ride, a real experience, to be trained by Toon. Expect interaction, some dancing if you’re lucky and lots of laughter!

Toon’s entrepreneurial and hands-on mentality shows in many ways. He is pretty much self-sufficient when it comes to producing and processing vegetables. He manages a micro-brewery, he makes wooden furniture for family and friends and you can actually stay in his gite when you’re in Najac, France!


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Agribusiness Coaching

  +31 (0)317 422 938