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We look to build on the career of professionals and educators in the agriculture industry to help them improve themselves and build their communities. Find out more about the courses we offer as well as scholarship programs and start investing in your future today!

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Our Courses

Making Education Work

'Making Education Work' will help you gain the skills to have classes full of proactive students who are eager to learn!

Making Training Work

"Making Training Work" allows you to design and deliver (online) training that has impact on your participants.

Making Agribusiness Work

'Making Agribusiness Work' will help you to contribute to local entrepreneurial development and food security.

Making Research Work

The 'Making Research Work' course allows you to solve agri-food problems through action-research.

About iCRA


iCRA courses make Education, Research, Innovation and Agribusiness work for stronger agriculture value chains. With 35 years of experience as a course provider, iCRA helps you to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to work across disciplinary and organisational boundaries, engage public and private sectors and improve livelihoods along the value chain. Watch our iCRA-in-one-minute video to find out more!

Impact Domains


We invest in people, their skills and business relationships to bring value chains to the next level and improve livelihoods of everyone involved. Learn more…


We invest in people, curricula and building links with the private sector to make (agri) education contribute to youth employment & (local) economies. Learn more…


We invest in people, their skills and their relationships with stakeholders to build bridges between research, rural development and agribusiness. Learn more…

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