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On this page you can find all the courses iCRA has on offer.  For details on the course you can check the specific course page. 

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION OPENS 12 May for our Agribusiness courses in January 2022



iCRA offers different options for tailor-made trainings: a single training event, one-week sprint or learning cycles trajectory over a longer period of time.  After completing the training your team will be able to develop exciting research, curriculum and strategies that
make education, research and agribusiness work.

Making Education Work

'Making Education Work' will help you gain the skills to have classes full of proactive students who are eager to learn!

Making Blended Training Work

"Making Blended Training Work" allows you to design and deliver (online) training that has impact on your participants.

Making Agribusiness Work

'Making Agribusiness Work' will help you to contribute to local entrepreneurial development and food security.

Making Research Work

The 'Making Research Work' course allows you to solve agri-food problems through action-research.



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