Making Agribusiness Work

Building trust in agribusiness relationships for sustainable growth

Do you want to be an agribusiness coach who manages the complexity of this job, creates market value, builds trustworthy business relationships, and generates a stable income? Then this is the course for you!

This 8 months part-time course ensures a sustainable learning pace. It alternates blocks of 3-4 weeks online learning with self-practice weeks. All this is topped off by a 1-week face-to-face module involving workshops, field visits, networking, etc. Each month you will gain concrete skills to immediately apply in your work.

This course will provide you with the perfect mix of personal competencies, interpersonal skills and the right mindset to thrive in an agribusiness coach and facilitator role. You will be able to foster and facilitate inclusive agribusiness partnerships and to unlock real win-win situations!    

This is an 8 month part-time course integrated with PRACTICAL application!

Learn the theory alongside peers and have our iCRA trainers guide you through real-life implementation in your daily professional life. 

Course outcomes


Through live sessions, individual and group practical assignments, personal mentorship and individual feedback from our trainers, you will learn how to best:


  •  Establish and reinforce sustainable business relationships among farmers, agri-entrepreneurs, input and service providers by building trust and pursuing common interests.
  • Create market value in the supply chain you operate in.
  • Use and improve your negotiation skills for better contracts and business deals.
  • Secure a stable flow of income for your support services.
  • Manage group dynamics, prevent or resolve possible conflicts among stakeholders.

Current course dates:

Making Agribusiness Work 

1 Sept 2023 – 1 June 2024 | 8-month blended course: online/part-time and
including one week Face-to-Face group training:  5 to 13 February 2024

Making Agribusiness Work – Executive
1 Sept 2023 – 1 July 2024 | 9-month blended course: online/part-time and
including one week Face-to-Face group training:  5 to 13 February 2023


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Course Information

Course Overview


The role of agribusiness advisors is ever changing! The job has increasingly become diverse, demanding and complex. Nowadays, agribusiness advisors are expected to network; to link farmers to other farmers, embed them in strong producer organizations and support the development of professional business relationship with market actors, financial services, input services and other agribusiness actors. Today’s agribusiness advisors rely on an extensive combination of competencies, technical and interpersonal and the right mindset.  In this course, you will learn to facilitate and coach not only single actors, but whole inclusive agribusiness partnerships to unlock real win-win situations!    

The secret of successful service providers is that they go beyond a one-off-training and invest in sustainable and financially viable relations.

Josephine is an ambitious private business advisor. She is eager to invest more time in networking and establishing long-term relationships with her clients:  SMEs , FO and other agribusiness actors. In this course Josephine will sharpen her business focus and learn how to come to meaningful propositions for her clients. As a result, she will get more paid assignments and expand her advisory business!

Moreno is a critical and innovative public agri-extension agent. He likes to broaden and update his understanding of the current business and development trends in the agri-extension and build his advisory network. After participating in this course, he will be able to better coordinate, steer and evaluate the efforts of private advisory services. As such, he contributes towards more effective agricultural service delivery!

Can you relate to Josephine or Moreno?  Then this course is for you!

Successful projects, collaborations and business advisory services not only assist smallholder farmers and agri-entrepreneurs in making substantial and sustainable profit, they also help them do it more efficiently. Preparing farmers and agri-entrepreneurs for a successful future beyond the terms of a contract, project or collaboration is not always easy. This course gives you the knowledge and tools to make real impact and develop long-term business relationships.

Are you ready for it?

Who can attend this course?

The course is specially designed for professionals who…

  • Are practitioners and field staff from businesses and organizations supporting agribusiness actors with the goal of contributing to local entrepreneurial development and food security.
  • Work in a business context in the agri-sector and want to contribute to local entrepreneurial development and food security.
  • Are ambitious and want to make a change
  • Are proficient in English

“Very practical and necessary for innovation strategies in agribusiness enterprises. Uses real life situations and examples to bring theory into reality. The reality of life.”

Flaviano Chikonyora: iCRA Alumnus Kenya course 2018

Course Cost


Making Agribusiness Work (8 months blended program): 6 497 Euro 
Making Agribusiness Work – Executive (9 months blended program for leaders): 7 497 Euro

Note: Price is excluding 21% VAT. Please contact iCRA to verify whether VAT applies. In some cases, VAT can be reclaimed by the employer.

Terms & conditions, see section C for courses

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This course is a recognised NUFFIC course and therefore qualifies for OKP Scholarships. Each course participant will receive a certificate of attendance after successfully completing the course.  



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