Making Training Work

Designing and delivering (online) training that has impact on your participants


Experience what it is like to deliver a training that flows and of which you know that it has real impact.

Join the Make Training Work course and learn by experience!

Have you noticed that during your training participants are enthusiastic but when they return home its tough for them to apply what they have learned?

  • Do you struggle with participants dozing off or not paying attention?
  • Do you regularly skip important exercises due to time constraints?
  • Do your participants remain silent or do other things during an (online) session while you are working hard?
  • Do you regularly get the question “how can I apply this in my situation”?


You are not alone! Experts and trainers often experience that communicating their expertise effectively to others is more difficult than they expect.


But this can change! You can be a trainer with impact. Someone who creates an interactive atmosphere and builds on the experiences and questions of your participants. A trainer who’s group works independently with motivation during online sessions. A trainer that receives positive feedback from participants indicating that they can confidently apply what they have learned and perform better in their work. You can draw participants back for more training or see them recommend you to others.

Do you want to be such a trainer?

Then the iCRA online course “Making Training Work” is exactly what you need. It will help you to design and deliver training with confidence. You will positively impact participants and help them achieve results.

This learning trajectory can be effective from the get go! You not only gain essential skills but you learn how to apply them directly using your training sessions as a case study.


The current version of this course is available only in French and consists of a 1 week face-to-face training in Benin and an online induction period with preliminary assignments. At the end of the face-to-face week, you will have (re)designed and delivered a training session. You will be ready to start delivering trainings that impact the lives of your participants.

Next course dates:

French course | 01 – 22 Sept 2023 |  Online assignments with one week intensive training in Bénin | Face-to-Face 18-22 sept 2023 

Scholarship available now! You can sign up between February 8 and March 30 2023


The recent scholarship round has closed. You can no longer apply for a scholarship.
You can submit a scholarship application from June 28th until September 5th 2023.

This course is currently only available in French.

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Course Information

 Course Overview

Would you want to become an agri-trainer who

  • Creates an interactive atmosphere and builds on the experiences of your participants?
  • Encourages the group work independently and to feel motivated and focused during the training sessions?
  • Receives positive feedback from the participants indicating that they can apply there knowledge and perform better at work?

We practice what we preach!

Course content

Main Topics:

Module 1: Training design
  • Identifying the needs of your participants before starting a training course.
  • Using the “learning staircase method” to design training sessions that focus on practical learning.
  • New and interdisciplinary approaches and tools for designing and delivering experiential and interactive learning programmes.
  • Ideas for grounding learning in real life to providing learning that goes beyond the classroom.
Module 2: Training delivering skills
  • Powerful explanations.
  • Guiding didactical discussions.
  • Motivating participants.
  • Building bridges and harvesting learning outcomes.
  • Giving feedback.

    Who can attend this course?

    The course is specially designed for professionals who…

    • Are trainers and want to transform their training into a learnings that can be applied.
    • Experts that want to effectively share their experience and passion for their subjects with others.
    • Those who are ready to invest preparations and full commitment for the duration this course.
    • Have at least five years professional experience in facilitating training events.
    • Are proficient in the language the course is provided in.

    Course Outcomes

    The “Making Training Work” course can be effective from the get go because you do not only learn essential skills but apply them directly using your training courses as a case study.

    At the end of the program you will have (re)designed and delivered training sessions. You are ready to start delivering training that makes impact and makes a change to the life of your participants.   

    This is one of the best valuing adding experience of my whole career” 

    Chamunorwa Matambo from Fort Cox Agriculture and Forestry Training Institute, about Making Education Work, November 2020

    Course Cost

    Tuition fee 2023: 2497 euros (f2f French programme)

    Note: Price is excluding 21% VAT. Please contact iCRA to verify whether VAT applies. In some cases, VAT can be reclaimed by the employer.

    Terms & conditions, see section C for courses

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    This course is a recognised NUFFIC course and therefore qualifies for OKP & MENA Scholarships. Each course participant will receive a certificate of attendance after successfully completing the course.  

    Meet Your Trainer!

    Mirte van Os

    “Hello, my name is Mirte, and I will be your trainer for ‘Making Training Work‘! I am really excited to start working with you on creating your own (blended) training. What I like most about this course is that we are all trainers or lecturers, so not only do you learn from us, we learn from you and you from each other. The discussions are lively and the group becomes a wonderful network of trainers with each valuable experiences.
    At the end of this course you will know how you can make even a full online training practical, how you can give effective explanations that do not turn your trainees’ screens black, but motivate instead! Mostly, you learn how blended training can work for both you and your trainees. Join the course and let’s start learning together! I am looking forward to meeting you there.”
    Mirte van Os

    Mirte van Os

    Junior Expert

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