Impact Domains

Capacity needs assessments 

To strengthen an organisation, you need to strengthen its people. iCRA’s capacity needs assessment is designed to gain insight into what is needed to enable people to bridge that gap between theory and practice. This will result in an organisational strengthening advise that builds upon the expertise of staff and works for your organisation specifically. 


Based on the  outcomes of the capacity needs assessments; iCRA offers different options for our tailor-made trainings: a single training event, one-week sprint or learning cycles trajectory over a longer period of time.This will result in a team that can develop exciting research, curriculum and strategies that makes education and research work for Agribusiness. 


We invest in people, their skills and business relationships to bring value chains to the next level and improve livelihoods of everyone involved. Learn more…


We invest in people, curricula and building links with the private sector to make (agri) education contribute to youth employment & (local) economies. Learn more…


We invest in people, their skills and their relationships with stakeholders to build bridges between research, rural development and agribusiness. Learn more…