iCRA expert bite #14: Visualisation tools to build trust

November 30, 2023

Pick up a pencil and experience the power of visualisation to build trust! Seriously… you don’t need to be an artist to follow these simple tricks.


Do you sometimes find if challenging to persuasively convey your ideas in a meeting or presentation? Do your students struggle to grasp concepts with clarity? Or is your audience just not connecting with your story? Visualisation tools can help!

On November 8th iCRA held a conference entitled Trust in Action. Amongst the practical and inspiring workshops was the session Visualising Trust presented by iCRA’s trainer and course coordinator Mirte van Os. In the workshop she demonstrated how simply by using super simple shapes anyone can draw we can harness others’ imagination and bring complex ideas, like emotions, goals and processes, to life.


Step One: Experiment

Follow along and practice drawing these shapes below yourself.


Step Two: Practice

Next use the tools you just practiced to experiment with visualising ‘building-trust’. It may help to think about situations where you have built trust in the past, the feeling it created and how you might go about building trust.


Step Three: Reflect

How did you feel whilst drawing? How might you use these techniques in your work?


Want to follow along with Mirte? Check out the recording of her virtual workshop and download this free handout.