iCRA expert bite #8: How to design an active and effective learning journey?

January 26, 2023

How to design an active learning journey, that is truly strengthening and revealing capacities of participants? This might be a challenge, especially when your participants are already high level experts.

We experienced that it is best to start with what participants have to offer to the group. Integrate this in your course design, to make in a collective action-learning program.

At iCRA, we use the following guiding principles in designing courses:

  • Purpose: clearly define where are you bringing your participants to? Set this target together with them.
  • Process: settle how to reach this target and share with your participants. By this you will build trust and make them feel confident.
  • Tools: what do you need for making them practice? Be creative and step out of the box, innovative approaches will support the learning experience.
  • Reflexivity: take the time to make a step back with participants so that they get the full picture.
  • Care: be human and always put yourself in the shoes of your participants.

And never stop sharing experiences with your peers to continue growing!

We have taken bits and pieces as inspiration from different approaches active learning, from a.o. Philippe Brasseur, Karin de Galan and the Pédagogie du sens.