Making Agribusiness Work: Rahmat Eyinfunjowo’s Experience with Facilitation Skills

May 22, 2023

Rahmat Eyinfunjowo, an agribusiness coach, supports varied agribusinesses across the whole supply chain. Rahmat enrolled in ‘Making Agribusiness Work’ because although she has considerable experience and expertise coaching agribusinesses, she developed much of her knowledge on the job. iCRA’s courses are built on a practical approach to learning but practice supported by theory and feedback achieves the best results. This is exactly what Rahmat found! 


“A beautiful course that ties all the loose ends together! It was so diverse, so wide, so impactful even beyond the scope of agribusiness.” 


Rahmat is an experienced facilitator, but even so she is proud to confirm that ‘Making Agribusiness Work’ enhanced her facilitation skills further. Rahmat lets us in on the two key qualities that enriched her facilitation approach through ‘Making Agribusiness Work’: 

Firstly introspection; Rahmat looks beyond a meeting objective and the stakeholders in attendance. She now also thinks about her role and position. What value can she add to the meeting and each party present? Rahmat observes that she relates to stakeholders better now. She understands how stakeholder dynamics have shaped meetings and workshop in the past and has learnt from this retroactively. 

Secondly, asking questions. She asks the meeting initiator probing questions before the session. This helps her develop a clear picture of the context and will bring new information to her attention, such as difficult dynamics between stakeholders. Rahmat is then better prepared to navigate relationships and guide the discussion.  


“It’s often this aha moment!” 


Rahmat experienced her work improving and feels that her on-the-job learning has been consolidated by theory, practice and feedback from iCRA trainers. Yet, it’s not only Rahmat who benefits from her new skills; she is passing on the knowledge she has gained to the young professionals she mentors! 

Are you inspired by Rahmat Eyinfunjowo’s story? Do recognise your own challenges in her experience? Check out iCRA’s course ‘Making Agribusiness Work’ and keep an eye out for more participants’ stories over the next few days!