Cees Peter van den Brink


Cees Peter is a colleague who brings a whirlwind of enthusiasm with him wherever he goes.

Whatever happens, no matter the situation, the glass is always half-full for Cees Peter.

This enthusiasm translates into hard work! Cees Peter approaches each task with a can-do attitude and works until it is done. No cutting corners, no excuses. With Cees Peter you know you’re in good hands.

Cees Peter specializes in capacity building and training design & delivery on the intersection of agriculture, business and entrepreneurship.

Colleagues praise him for his willingness to jump in and get the boat moving if need be. This active and entrepreneurial way of working makes him an excellent agribusiness coach. He is passionate about developing solutions that really make difference in the agribusiness sector and understands the challenges young entrepreneurs face.

Cees Peter has also paved the way for our current blended learning curriculum. Finding efficient and innovative ways of learning is definitely in Cees Peters’ ballpark!

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Agribusiness partnership building and Facilitation

  +31 (0)317 422 938