Chau Dang Van


Chau is one of our newest colleagues here at iCRA where her regular tasks are developing and delivering open entry courses and working on educational projects mainly in Africa.

She studied agronomy and specialised in livestock science during her PhD thesis at the University of Louvain in Belgium. Before joining iCRA, she worked for 14 years in research and education in Belgium where, besides teaching and coaching activities, she played an active role in international development projects in the fields of agriculture and food and nutrition security in African countries. As a teacher, she already wanted to break away from traditional teaching by introducing a more interactive and blended approach.

She was born in Belgium and spent more than 10 years of her childhood in Central Africa. Given that background, it seems natural for her to work in a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment. It has also helped her to better understand cross-cultural interactions. She is fluent in French, Vietnamese and English and speak Spanish and Dutch on an intermediate level. She is constantly broadening her learning and likes to separate out the essential from the subsidiary things and bring her enthusiasm and results-oriented culture to move forward.

When she is not working, you are most likely to find her running with her three children and her husband (them cycling!) in the nature, enjoying time with family and friends, playing the piano, or trying new cooking recipes. She is always looking for these human connections, those when you can be fully available to the present moment, those where you can build trust between people.


To find out more about her, visit her LinkedIn profile here.


Chau Dang Van

Chau Dang Van

Advisor Agricultural Education & Outreach

  +31 (0)317 422 938