Dea Scheers

Dea is the colleague that always has your back. She is the perfectly oiled engine behind the iCRA operation. Whatever problem or request it is that lands on her desk, she will do her absolute best to make it work – and always with a smile!

Officially iCRA’s financial and administrative assistant, in reality so much more.

Dea has bailed many of us out when we find ourselves facing stressful deadlines or in search of materials, locations and even people! If her help is needed at a course or an event, she is always there to step in where needed.

The technical context in which we often work is no news for Dea. Before joining iCRA, she worked for Danone Research.

We are quite the well-traveled group of people here at iCRA and Dea makes sure that we are all set to go where we are needed. Visas, tickets, travel requests, claims – it all lands on her desk.

Basically, it is because of Dea that we can do our jobs and that is beyond significant!

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  +31 (0)317 422 938