Juan Ceballos-Müller


Juan is a colleague on a mission to inspire. As a trainer, he does not work with a script. He builds on the knowledge of the participants and adjusts programmes to respond to their needs. He will waste no time on theory if it does not apply to your context. Learning goals need to be developed together and owned by everyone involved.

We have seen him, without blinking, throw around a course schedule – including field visits! – to ensure course or project participants get the best experience possible.

This power to adapt is something Juan grew up with. Juan has both German and Colombian roots. Growing up in Colombia gave him valuable insights into the challenges rural communities face on a daily basis. By graduating in Agricultural Science & International Agricultural Development he was able to instill both practical & theoretic learnings in his professional life.

For the last 20(!) years, Juan has worked with iCRA to develop and manage numerous projects, multi-stakeholder processes, training programmes and courses. And while he is most active in Latin America nowadays, there is a pretty good chance you’ll run into him in Africa or Asia as well!

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Capacity Strengthening

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