IES4GIRE (2016-2020)

Strengthening the capacities of higher education institutions in integrated water resource management



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Organisational Strengthening

The IES4GIRE project provides the University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako (USTTB) and three other universities in Mali with enhanced capacity for integrated water management. Implemented by iCRA in partnership with MetaMeta, RAIN and Montpellier SupAgro.

The aim of the project is to increase water productivity for better food security, while addressing gender equality and highlighting the issue at international, national and local levels.To achieve these objectives, post secondary training institutions will be strengthened by providing them with regular and professional gender sensitive training that provides the skills required by the labour market.

Read in this iCRA blog for International Women’s Day 2018, how how trailblazers in gender equality – Hadiaratou Traoré and Dr Kadidiatou Bouare from the IES4GIRE project, press for progress in motivating and uniting friends and colleagues to think, act and be gender inclusive.


University of Sciences, Techniques and Technologies of Bamako (USTTB), MetaMeta, RAIN and Montpellier SupAgro


water, gender, education, youth, employment, value chains

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