Scholarship Information

Hi! this is our information page about scholarships. After you have found an iCRA course that you are excited about and want to attend, you can apply for a Nuffic Scholarship!

While ICRA does not offer financing for courses directly, this page gives you a good overview of options made available by Netherlands Scholarship Programmes.

  How to apply in steps?


  1.  Pick your course  at
  2.  On the  ICRA course webpage you can  Apply to the course,  for scholarships opt for the courses starting in January 2022!
  3.  After submitting your ICRA application, you will receive a mail with further information. Check if you are eligible for an OKP or MSP scholarship on this scholarship page and check below which documents to upload (employer statement obligatory for all) .
  4. IMPORTANT to check whether you need to upload a government authority statement, this is required for certain OKP countries  and also for certain MENA countries.        
  5. Check the detailed information on the scholarships on the page below.         
  6. When you are eligible for an OKP or MSP scholarship please fill your form through the OKP scholarship form link or the  MSP scholarship form link      

If you have any questions, check our FAQ or when still questions contact

Scholarship information


Orange Knowledge Programme


(OKP) Scholarship application

OPENS on 12 May

for our courses starting in January 2022 

Link to the:  OKP Scholarship application form  (opens 12 May)

OKP countries 

Deadline for OKP scholarship applications:  29 June 2021


MENA (MSP) scholarship application


OPENS on 2 September

Link to the:  MSP Scholarship application form (closed now)

MSP countries 

Next deadline for MSP scholarship applications:  12 October 2021

Full The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) Scholarship application OPENS 12 May 

Before filling the form please read the information below carefully. The application should be done in one session. You can NOT save the application and continue later. So, it is wise to have all information and documents to upload (in pdf and less than 4MB!) readily available.   

1.     ScholarshipOrange Knowledge Programme (OKP)

Important information:   

Specific documents to upload:   

IMPORTANT:  use the EXACT formats provided. 

Click here for the OKP Scholarship application form (opens 12 May)

Scholarship application deadline is 29 June 2021 

2.   MENA Scholarship Programme 

MSP Scholarship application is closed

Important information:  

Specific documents to upload: 

  • EMPLOYER STATEMENT FORMATS to upload in your MENA/MSP scholarship application:

    NOTE:  A digitally signed employer statement will suffice when Corona restrictions are in place in your country. A stamp is not required now (temporary condition due to corona restrictions) 
  • MSP-Government Authority Statement format (only for countries and organisations listed) Iraq is exempted.

IMPORTANT:  use the exact formats provided.

MENA/MSP scholarship application (closed now)
Next MSP Scholarship application round opens 2 September 2021




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