Making Agribusiness Work – Course Locations

Ibadan, Nigeria (June 2019)

Ibadan is located in south-western Nigeria, northeast of Lagos and it is a prominent transit point between the coastal region and the hinterland. Ibadan has been the centre of administration and commerce of the old Western Region since the days of the British colonial rule.  With its strategic location the city is a major center for trade in cassava, cocoa, cotton, timber, rubber, and palm oil.  Agriculture is an important economic activity, with the cultivation of crops like maize, yam, cassava, millet, rice, plantains, cocoa, palm produce, cashew, a dairy farm,  several cattle ranches and some agrorelated industries. Ibadan is also the home of the oldest university of the country and houses many agricultural research institutes. The headquarters of the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) is based in Ibadan, it focuses on the agricultural and developmental needs of key tropical crops tropical such as bananas, plantains, maize, cassava, soybean, cowpea and yam. Ibadan is the 3rd cheapest Nigerian city to live in.  The city has two zoological gardens, one located within the University of Ibadan and another at Agodi Gardens which also contains a botanical garden, swimming pool and leisure spots.

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Nakuru, Kenya (November 2019)

Nakuru lies some 160 kilometers north west of  Nairobi and is the capital of Nakuru County. It lies about 1,850 m above sea level on the floor of the Great Rift Valley. It is home to incredibly beautiful lakes and National Parks. Lake Nakuru is renowned for its saline water and the world’s largest colony of flamingoes, whilst Nakuru National Park and Hells Gate National Park boast wide ecological diversity and varied habitats for 56 mammal species including white rhinos and waterbuck.  The main economic activity in the area is agriculture ranging from dairy, potatoes, horticulture and cereals. Egerton University, the oldest and one of the biggest agricultural universitiesy in Kenya is located here. Nakuru is also the gateway to the Menengai Crater, a picturesque, dormant volcano and second largest surviving volcanic crater in the world (2,490 metres high) and moreover it is home to Kenya’s largest geothermal power fields.
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