Making Leadership Work

Making Leadership Work

Building your people management skills for real impact on agri-food development in your country

As the leader of an organization or department, when you notice employees cutting corners and underperforming it can feel demotivating. When your staff lacks commitment and dedication to the organization you might experience loneliness. High staff turn-over can feel frustrating because you invest your time, resources and energy, without benefiting.  

You are not alone! These are challenges that many leaders face. However it doesn’t need to be this way.

You can be a leader people like to work for. A leader who is able to create a good atmosphere and provide opportunities for employees to learn and grow. A leader who motivates people to take responsibility and builds a team that stays strong, even in difficult times. You can be a leader who feels confident and is energised by performing your job well.  

There are three levels of people skills essential to achieve this:

  1. Creating a positive working culture for effective team work.
  2. Managing individual staff members according to their skill set and motivation.
  3. Self-inquiry to overcome your challenges and learn to be an inspirational role model.

Course Information

Making Leadership Work


Through live sessions, practical individual and group assignments, personal mentorship, and individual feedback from our trainers, you will learn how to best:

  • Implement the 4 pillars of positive working environment to create a team that is committed to each other and the purpose of your organization. 
  • Adapt your leadership style to the task, skill and will of your employees.
  • Address underperformance without harming your relationship with employees.
  • Deal with negative thoughts and beliefs that cause you stress. 

This course is designed for professionals who:

  • Lead an NGO, service providing company or a project organization in the (agri-food) development sector.
  • Aspire to excel in a leadership role and who (will) supervise at least 5-10 staff members.
  • Are ambitious and willing to challenge yourself.
  • Have access to a good and stable internet connection in a quiet surrounding.
  • Are proficient in English. 


Practical Details

Registration for this course is currently unavailable. Interested in the next edition, or a tailor-made version? The don’t hesitate to contact us!

Tuition Fee = €‎ 947

*VAT will be charged additionally in so far as applicable


Course Structure: 

  • Estimated 8 hours weekly time investment.
  • 1 module covered per week.
  • Weekly 2 hour online group live session
  • Individual and group assignments to be completed at your convenience. 
  • Self-study of videos, checklists and background reading.
  • Written and verbal feedback alongside reflection sessions with trainer and peers.
  • Real-life practice.