Making Leadership Work


Making Leadership Work

Building your people management skills for real impact on agri-food development in your country

Please note: there are no NUFFIC Scholarships available for this course

When you are heading an organization or department and notice that employees cut corners in the performance of their tasks, it can feel demotivating.  When your staff seem to miss the commitment and dedication to the organization and complain, the role as leader is often experienced as lonely. When the staff turn-over is high, this feels frustrating because you invest your time, resources and energy, without benefiting from it.  

You are not alone! These are challenges that many leaders of companies and organizations are facing. However it does not need to be like that. 

You can be that leader for whom people like to work. That is able to create a good atmosphere and provides opportunity for people to learn from their mistakes and grow. That motivates people to take responsibility and builds a team that stays strong, even in difficult times. You can be that leader that feels confident and gets energy from doing the job you are good at.  

People skills that are essential to achieve this, have three levels: 

  1. Creating a positive working culture for effective team work; 
  2. Manage individual staff members adapted to their skills set and motivation;   
  3. Self-inquiry to overcome your challenges and learn and be an inspirational role model; 

      What will you get out of this course?

      • Ysou will learn how to use the 4 pillars of positive working environment to create a team that is committed to each other and the purpose of your organization; 
      • You will learn to play different leadership styles adapted to the task, skill and will of your employees; 
      • You will learn to addresses underperformance without harming the relationship with your employees; 
      • You will learn to how to deal with negative thoughts and beliefs that cause you stress;  

      The masterclass is an online learning trajectory that takes 4 weeks. One module per week that include: 

      • A live online group session of 2 hours; 
      • Individual and group assignments to be done at moment that is convenient to you;  
      • Self-study of videos, checklist and background reading at moment that is convenient to you;  
      • Written and verbal feedback and reflection sessions with trainer and peers; 
      • Real-life practices;   

        For successful completion of the Masterclass your time investment will be around 8 hours a week. You will receive a certificate of completion after active participation in all 4 modules.   

        Who is this course for?

        • You lead a NGO, a service providing company or a project organization in the (agri-food) development sector; 
        • You want to excel in a leadership role and you (will) supervise at least 5-10 staff member; 
        • You are ambitious and willing to challenge yourself and invest at least 8 hours a week in your personal growth for the 4 weeks of the course duration; 
        • You have access to a good and stable internet connection in a quiet surrounding for at least three hours a week.  
        • Are proficient in English. 

          Why iCRA?

          iCRA helps bridge gaps, develop trust, mutual understanding and brings different worlds and actors together to find solutions that will benefit all. iCRA is excellent at training agribusiness actors to form career-changing skills that directly impact the way you negotiate, the work-relationships you build and how to make yourself a valuable asset to any organisation. Our training is unconventional, focused and highly practical. iCRA staff continuely looks for ways to be ahead of the game, providing relavant and top-of-the-range content for all enthusiastic participants. This online training will help you enhance your mindset, toolset and skillset through:


          • individual e-learning modules, follow at your own rhythm
          • short live online group sessions
          • individual coaching by trainers
          • peer-to peer learning with like-minded participants

          Duration:  1 module per week (an estimate of 8 hours a week), online meetings are planned on Tuesday afternoons, 14:00 – 16:00 CET on May 30, June 6, June 13, June 20 and June 27 – 2023.

          Starting:  30 May 2023, 14:00 CET

          Course Cost:  947 €

          * No scholarship available for this course

          Solving complex agri-food problems through action research. I enjoyed and learned a lot, it was a great experience for me.

          Sophia Bongole, participant

          I appreciate this course because it helps me to bridge the gap between theory and practice.The life-long impact will not only be felt but also birthed into our students through the teaching-learning situations with them. A big Thank you to all our great trainers and facilitators once again.

          Ayotunde Owolabi, participant



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