Making Leadership Work

To accelerate your growth and career, gain new skills and earn a certificate of completion.

What will you get out of this course?

Do you want to improve on your leadership skills and learn to guide a driven team and organisation to success? At iCRA, we can help you learn the necessary skills of combining your expertise as a professional with directing yourself and your company to achieve greatness in an effective and seamless manner.

Do you sometimes ask yourself:

  • Am I doing all that I can as a leader to recognise the goals I have set for myself and know the steps to achieve that?
  • How do I better coordinate my team to perform at their highest standard with consistency?
  • Can I do anything more to stear my organisation into a path of growth, optimitsation and success?


If you do, then this course can provide you the essential tools to make you a leader that can create impact, infectious motivation and long-lasting, sustainable change.

Who is this course for?

  • You are leading a business/organization/department in the agri-food or water sector
  • You have final responsibility and manage/supervise employees
  • You are ambitious, devoted to your team and want a healthy work-life balance

Why iCRA?

iCRA helps bridge gaps, develop trust, mutual understanding and brings different worlds and actors together to find solutions that will benefit all. iCRA is excellent at training agribusiness actors to form career-changing skills that directly impact the way you negotiate, the work-relationships you build and how to make yourself a valuable asset to any organisation. Our training is unconventional, focused and highly practical. iCRA staff continuely looks for ways in which to be ahead of the game, providing relavant and top-of-the-range content for all enthusiastic participants. This online training will help you enhancing your mindset, toolset and skillset through:


  • individual e-learning modules, follow at your own rhythm
  • short live online group sessions
  • individual coaching by trainers
  • peer-to peer learning with like-minded participants

Duration: 1 module per week (an estimate of 8 hours a week) during 1 month Start: November 2021

Course Cost: Get a DISCOUNT for this course at the price of 497 € (valued at 947 €), if you sign up to learn more!

Solving complex agri-food problems through action research. I enjoyed and learned a lot, it was a great experience for me.

Sophia Bongole

I appreciate this course because it helps me to bridge the gap between theory and practice.The life-long impact will not only be felt but also birthed into our students through the teaching-learning situations with them. A big Thank you to all our great trainers and facilitators once again.

Ayotunde Owolabi