Staff Spotlight – Irene Njogu

What is your most impactful moment at iCRA?

“My most impactful moment at iCRA was when we worked with a potato farmers group in Kenya that came full circle from being very skeptical about an off-taker and would hardly agree on prices, production, factory visits, etc. to them willingly sell at a slightly lower price than the prevailing market price as a result of a 2 year  journey of building trust and loyalty in the partnership. Also, mentoring upcoming trainers within projects on value chain/workshop facilitation and sitting back and watching them do it so well and ending up learning from them myself is very rewarding.”

How do you feel about iCRA?

“At iCRA I feel great, secure and that my job and contribution to the organisation matters. iCRA challenged me to take up challenging tasks that I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would be capable of doing, and when I made mistakes, they gave me a chance to it better. This kind of mentoring is priceless to me! And now am passing it to others. I now have a great desire to see more results in Agribusiness coaching.

A funny fact about yourself?

“One food that I would eat everyday for the rest of my life would be freshly baked bread with and a cup of very hot British style white tea, refreshing!”

A word from Cees Peter, a colleague who has worked closely with Irene:

“Irene is a cheerful colleague who smiles a lot! She loves working with farmers. Her welcoming style of facilitation invites them into the joined action and learning trajectories that iCRA with its partners facilitate for them in our ABC coaching projects. Many times Irene has stepped in when needed, and the beauty is: her flexibility does not compromise the quality of her work. We thank Irene for her reliability! Irene is an inspiring person to work with. Not only as professional, but moreover as person; who’s not afraid to ask herself complicated questions and to share everyday life.”