Trust in Action Conference Workshop

Overcoming Trust Challenges When Buying From Smallholder Farmers: Boots on the Ground Tips

Engage in an interactive expert panel discussion, share your experiences and consider innovative solutions together. 

Sourcing from smallholder farmers is often experienced as complicated by buyers, such as aggregator or processors. They want to buy in kilos, while producers sell baskets. Producers want to be paid in cash while aggregators pay by bank. These practical challenges often create issues around transparency and trust, resulting in losses and preventing potential partnerships and collaboration to flourish.  

In this workshop an expert panel form Kenya and Nigeria will share their experiences and challenges. They will engage with the audience to find practical solutions, particularly around tech-driven innovations and context-specificity.

Hosted by Gbenga Idowu


Gbenga is a member of the iCRA Community in West Africa and an expert in the development of local Agribusiness partnerships. He is also a cassava producer and aggregator.  

Expert Panellists

Saheed Adams


ICT specialist with passion for inclusive agribusiness and sustainability. Aggregator in fruit and vegetables. 

Irene Njogu


Agribusiness cluster coach with enormous practical field experience. Aggregator in fresh produce.  

Lazarus Yerima


Experienced agribusiness coach and expert in warranty credit solutions. Stable crop aggregator.   

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