Trust in Action Conference Workshop

The Art & Science of Trust in International Public-Private Partnerships

Discuss real-life cases to explore the “art” and “science” of maintaining long-term, constructive partnerships.  

International, long-term partnerships between businesses, universities and governments need a strong solid foundation. These partnerships unite different organizations with different goals, capabilities and mind sets. Maintaining long term constructive collaboration is a continuous balancing act between ‘’Science’’ and ‘’Art’’.

The ‘’Science’’ to make fact-based decisions, be interculturally competent, manage risks and measure & adjust continuously. The ‘’Art’’ to leverage personal relations, emotions, and politics, using your intuition, being able to deal with unpredictable challenges, having a constructive level of emotional intelligence and being a great listener / communicator. Together, we will discuss real life examples where Trust in Action went right or wrong due to the balance or imbalance between Science & Art. 

Hosted by Frank Eyssen

Frank Eyssen develops international partnerships for profitable business with positive impact in Europe, Africa and Asia. He has a strong passion for sustainable and fair societies and a firm belief that businesses have a pivotal role & and responsibility. He has worked for several large international companies, where he managed large, international business transformations and advised on global supply chain management.  

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