Trust in Action Conference Workshop

The Hard and Soft Side of Building Partnerships

Partnering increasingly becomes a core competence for organisations. This results in all kinds of challenges: do I have the right people with the right experience to manage partnerships? Does my organisation have the right knowledge and structure to do so? And what about our mindset and learning capacity?

This workshop:

    1. provides insight into the role of trust in partnering processes,
    2. introduces a practical toolkit to build trust using both hard and soft interventions and
    3. ends with a reflection using the Partnership Competence Capability Scan to share some best practices and challenges with the workshop participants. 

Language:        English

Hosted by Jorrit Hoekstra

Jorrit is partner at Alliantie Partners. He gets excited by complex collaborations seeking to strategically professionalize alliances. 

Jorrit provides strategic advice based on (market) research. Publishes regularly on collaboration and stakeholder research and uses it as a tool for shaping and evaluating collaborative relationships. 

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