Trust in Action Conference Workshop

Trust, a Prerequisite to Successful Intercultural Interactions

Trust is a critical element of business, in every country in the world. The terminology is the same but the means by which trust is built, differ enormously from one country to another. Get your cultural awareness enhanced and develop skills to meet today’s diverse, international working environments! 

Language:        English

Hosted by Bérengère Ligthart-Gleyze

Bérengère Ligthart-Gleyze is a certified professional team coach and intercultural trainer. She worked 18 years for multinationals with global, intercultural and cross functional teams. Bérengère has travelled intensively for her study and professional career. She lived in multiple countries and different continents and during her stays and travels, she met, worked and negotiated with people from very different cultural backgrounds, including very different company cultures. She experienced the great benefits but also the challenges of cultural differences and the importance of cultural sensitivity. Bérengère enhances cultural awareness and develops skills to meet today’s diverse and international workplace by leveraging cultural differences for greater creativity and innovation, higher performance and strong collegiality.

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