Trust in Action Conference Workshop

Visualising Trust

Pick-up your pencils and experience the power of building trust through visualisation 

Do you put a lot of time and effort into describing your plans and ideas, but your audience still does not get it? Are you struggling to present yourself and your ideas with confidence? Or does your audience not always connect with your story? 

During this workshop we will explore ways in which visualisation can help you to build trust with your partners, (future) clients and students. You will also experience yourself the power of drawing and visualisation!  

Language:        English

Hosted by Mirte van Os


Mirte coordinates all iCRA’s courses: creating marketing strategies, assigning trainers, advising budget allocation and more. And she is a passionate trainer and facilitator. She helps you to link learning to real-life. So that your trainees become confident professionals and capable graduates that are ready to build towards a future-proof agricultural sector.

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