iCRA strengthens local presence in Nigeria through Partnership Agreements with SPPS and ASCD

June 20, 2023

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for iCRA, as we enter into a partnership agreement with two young local advisory firms in Nigeria, SPPS in Oyo State and ASCD in Kaduna State. This collaboration marks a crucial step towards fostering our presence in Nigeria, promoting collaboration, and driving the growth of the iCRA community to support the development of the agrifood and agri-education sector in the country. This partnership is part of iCRA’s new strategy to be closer to the field and builds upon recently established partnership agreements in Benin, Burkina Faso, Kenya, and Tanzania. 

iCRA, SPPS and ASCD share a common vision – a vision of a resilient, innovative and thriving agri-food businesses that make the agri-food sector an attractive and inspiring career option for youth. ​Together, we aim to nurture a community of professionals in agri-food and agricultural knowledge institutions, equipping them with the necessary functional skills, competencies and self-esteem to effectively facilitate and manage agribusiness partnerships and eventually to become agents of change and innovation. Mariette Gross quotes: It is so encouraging to see that Lazarus and Gbenga are working with many young people to boost agribusiness in Nigeria. This commitment is needed to inspire other young people and show them that agriculture is business!” 

The signing of the partnership agreement is a natural progression following our collaboration in Nigeria in prominent agrifood development projects such as HortiNigeria and 2SCALE. These successful endeavours have demonstrated the synergy and effectiveness of our collective efforts, making this partnership a logical next step in our journey towards empowering the agricultural sector in Nigeria. “This journey together really has sharpened our vision”, Lazarus Ruben Yerima, executive director of ASCD explains, “ASCD started as a local community based organisation and now we have become a national NGO. Before we were looking for help. Now we look for markets!” 

During the ceremony the three organisations reflect on the past, the present and of course also on the future. “My focus is to download whatever I can and whatever I know about inclusive business to the next generation.  This partnership gives me the opportunity to share it with young Nigerians”, according to Gbenga Stephen Idowu, Managing Consultant of SPPS.

As a consortium iCRA, SPPS and ASCD offer: 

  • Training and mentoring of agribusiness partnership coaches 
  • Training and mentoring of agri-educational professionals to deliver practical & business inspired training that is close to job reality 
  • Boost your career (blended) courses for agribusiness and agricultural education professionals