Making Agribusiness Work: Angela Mkindi’s Experience with Conflict Management

May 19, 2023

Angela Mkindi is a university researcher, lecturer and incubation officer from Tanzania in the field of ecological pest and disease management. Angela was first introduced to iCRA when she participated in the ‘Making Research Work’ course. This course was highly impactful on her work as a researcher. This positive experience motivated Angela to enrol in ‘Making Agribusiness Work’; she hoped it would support her research an consultancy work and enhance her competence as a principal instigator for some projects.  

Angela’s main professional challenge was discovering how to bridge the gap between science and business. Angela works on ecological pest and disease management. She provides training to farmers and stakeholders on implementing the approach. Without a business background she struggled to speak the language of commercialisation to farmers and “sell”  approaches to them. Angela identified this as a barrier to ensuring that her expertise results in tangible impact.  

Angela’s ambition to learn more about commercialisation in agribusinesses was compounded by a personal challenge: dealing with conflict and facilitating conversation and negotiation at work. When confronted with conflict Angela felt uncomfortable and avoided navigating it. She saw it as destructive and not a chance for conversations. As a growing professional, some conflicts caused her stress and a sense of despair.   


“This course has impacted me professionally, but also as a mother, wife and colleague.” 


Angela now feels more competent as a consultant. She has gained practical skills including writing quotes, actor mapping and negotiating which make her feel more comfortable in business settings. Angela has the tools to manage conflict constructively. She tested these skills at her work, where she was able to negotiate, speak openly, listen and build a better working relationship.  

Are you inspired by Angela Mkindi’s story? Do recognise your own challenges in her experience? Check out iCRA’s course ‘Making Agribusiness Work’ and keep an eye out for more participants’ stories over the next few days!