‘Making Agribusiness Work’ course in Nigeria kicks off!

During iCRA’s ‘Making agribusiness Work’ course at IITA in Ibadan Nigeria, 17 participants from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, South Africa, India and Jordan are coming together from the 17th until the 28th of June to learn and engage with each other about how to build business relationships for sustainable profit.

iCRA has kicked off the course with a great and diverse team of agribusiness professionals, who came to attend this intensive, professional course in Ibadan – like Otunba Abdullateef from Nigeria, who is a vegetable farm manager and Agricultural project Officer. He came with great expectations to this course organized by iCRA with support of IITA.

I want to learn how to build trust and agribusiness relationships among value chains actors. Through this course, I hope to improve my facilitation skills and negotiation skills, assist in coordinating actors and build business relationships.

– Otunba Abdullateef

Others, like Aishwarya Jayaraman from India, who is Senior Project Officer at the Centre for Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship at IIT Madras, are excited about finding solutions to community-led agribusiness

I expect through this course, unique tools and tips that would enable me to facilitate complex issues of community led agribusiness. An astute combination of concepts on building business relationships and tailored facilitation skills in the context of agro- entrepreurial activities, I hope to apply further to this course.

-Aishwarya Jayaraman. 

Translating theory into practice.

iCRA’s courses are caractarized by their focus on translating theory into practice. Understanding the realities of work and life of participants is key to any long-term implementation success of the skills and knowledge acquired by particpants during a short professional course. iCRA develops this course around the business cases of those attending and uses real life examples to demonstrate and elovate practical approaches. During the ‘Making agribusiness Work’ course in Ibandan, Nigeria, we are working with PSALTRY International Limited and learning all about Cassava and value addition to build a real-life business case. Participants interview business actors ( farmers, input suppliers, transporters, traders) and learn about how they are engaged in business relationships within local agribusiness clusters and how they relate to PSALTRY.

iCRA has over 35 years of experience as a professional course provider for agriculture professionals. We offer courses in Wageningen, the Netherlands, as well as in the global south. Are you interested in one of our courses and/or need information about scholarships? Visit www.icra.global/courses.