Exciting Partnership Announcement: iCRA Expands Network with CERRCO-BI from Burundi

November 23, 2023

In a significant stride towards a resilient and sustainable agricultural sector, iCRA proudly announces the expansion of its partnership network with CERRCO-BI from Burundi. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in realizing the shared vision of a modern, prosperous, and sustainable agricultural landscape, underpinned by robust agri-food partnerships that bring high-quality, nutritious food to market.

It all started with Claver Kazobavamwo and his colleagues from CERRCO-BI arose during study on agricultural resilience in Burundi for the EU funded project ATAB. Which iCRA is implementing together with @Agrinature. At iCRA Claver became known as a go-getter with a good network. This made the collaboration a natural next step.

iCRA and CERRCO-BI share a common goal of becoming the epicenter of excellence in Burundi, dedicated to practical training and consultancy services. These services will focus on enhancing skills in partnership facilitation, governance, and practice-based learning within agri-food and agricultural training. The collaboration extends to a vibrant community of professionals, ensuring they acquire the practical competencies needed to effectively manage partnerships and collaborative actions.

This partnership not only shows the commitment to skill development but also leads to a collective effort to propel Burundi’s agricultural and agri-food training institutions to new heights. With a blend of optimism, creativity, and a strong foundation in practical skills, iCRA and CERRCO-BI are poised to make a lasting impact on the agricultural landscape, steering it towards a brighter, more sustainable future. Stay tuned as this promising collaboration unfolds!