Presenting a book filled with stories of change by the CDAIS project

iCRA is proud to present the CDAIS project ‘Building Competence and Confidence in Agricultural Innovation Systems: Stories of Change’ publication.

The book, filled with 24 stories from eight countries – from Guatemala to Laos, from Angola to Bangladesh- was recently published by Agrinatura and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

All of the stories relate to change. Personal change; Organizational change; Changes in attitudes; Changes in practice. They tell of improvement of livelihoods. They tell of positive and appreciated changes in indvidual and organizational approaches – In how people see things. Do things.

This book gives us great insight into the stories behind the CDAIS project -and the postive impact that comes with real change.

The CDAIS project

Many initiatives promoting agricultural innovation focus on immediate results, training of individuals and the transfer of technical skills; and insufficiently emphasis organizational capabilities and the skills required to shape the enabling environment driving agricultural innovation.

Such skills for example include the capacity to collaborate, to reflect and learn, and to engage in strategic and political processes. The CDAIS project was launched to address and promote these elements in eight pilot countries – Angola, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Laos and Rwanda.


The ultimate goal of the project is to make agricultural innovation systems more efficient in meeting the demands of farmers, agribusiness and consumers.

iCRA would like to Congratulate all employees, partners and beficieries of CDAIS, the editor; Nick Pasiecznik, Greenink and Agrinatura with this publication.…/29/the-story-of-change-book-is-available/