Staff Spotlight - Gbenga Idowu

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We had a chat with Gbenga, and this is what he had to say:

What is your most impactful moment at iCRA? 

My first contact with iCRA was at the 2SCALE inception Training of Trainers in the Republic of Benin in 2011 or 2012. It was there that my existing interest in “Business for Mission and Development” got a spark. I eventually got selected as one of the iCRA Trainer-Mentors on the 2SCALE project. That first introduction to the Agribusiness Cluster (ABC) approach to doing business for mission and development had a strong impact on me. I got attracted and now it has become my ‘meat’ and my ‘song’. It is hard for me to pick one moment and say that it is the most impactful for me at iCRA. It is always my pleasure doing anything involving the iCRA Agribusiness Cluster (ABC) approach. 

How do you feel about iCRA? 

I feel at home. I have worked with many organizations, iCRA stands out. The atmosphere is friendly, and I keep getting opportunities to improve on my knowledge, skills and experience as a Trainer.  

A funny fact about yourself? 

I realize that my voice/tone is sometimes feminine, funny and slow and at other times maybe harsh. If you don’t know me (maybe when I speak on phone), it may sound as if you are talking to a woman.  

We asked Toon Defoer what he has to say about Gbenga:
“I met Dr. Gbenga in 2012 and he showed keen interest in iCRA’s ABC approach. Since then we have collaboratively performed and adapted the approach do different Nigerian environments and value chains. He has proven to be an excellent trainer-mentor-coach who keeps on investigating in approving the  ABC approach, looking for various means to institutionalising the approach and improving its sustainability.”