Unlocking Opportunities for AgriSMEs in Kenya: iCRA celebrates a new partnership agreement with CropCare

October 19, 2023

On Friday the 13th of October, iCRA solidified another valuable partnership with our Kenyan collaborator, CropCare. Established in 2011, CropCare is a trusted agribusiness support service provider. We are excited to move forward together in building a more resilient, sustainable and thriving agricultural sector built on partnerships between agribusinesses. 

What sets this collaboration apart is CropCare’s long-standing track-record in realizing iCRA’s mission practically. By fostering close collaboration and improved coordination across the supply chain, from farmers to grocery stores, CropCare has managed to yield greater business opportunities, increased engagement, and enhanced profitability for all stakeholders involved. It stands as a prime example of trust within the supply chain, making the difference between business as usual and truly inclusive business development. CropCare’s business approach seamlessly aligns with the practical focus of iCRA’s training and services on agribusiness partnership skills, creating a synergy that is expected to unlock numerous opportunities for AgriSMEs in Kenya. 

Gerald Mutua, the director of CropCare, succinctly encapsulated our shared vision: “To be a center of excellence for practical competence-based training and advisory services.” Our next move involves crafting a joint strategy to guide us in implementing training projects and expanding our iCRA community in Kenya. This celebration marks iCRA’s second partnership in Kenya, a testament to our commitment to working with local experts. Gerald and CropCare have been active members of the iCRA agribusiness community, making it a delight to formalize our relationship.