C4CP (2014-2018)

C-4 Cotton Partnership Project


Benin, Burkina Faso, Chad and Mali

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Agribusiness Coaching

The main objective of C4CP – which was executed with consortium partners IFDC and Cultural Practice – was to increase the technical, economic and social capacities of the producers, as well as the processors in the target areas of the C4 countries.

In the largest cotton-producing (or C-4) countries in West and Central Africa, cotton is the economic activity for over two million farmers. The sector however increasingly faces challenges. First of all, agricultural productivity, marketing, and value addition (processing) form a challenge. In addition, cotton research suffers from a lack of resources and organization. But above all, there is a critical need for institutional reform to accompany the revitalization of the cotton sector to face these challenges.

iCRA more specifically developed various training materials (modules and posters) and messaging (brochures, posters, DVDs, etc.) integrating and advocating gender issues in cotton business. The materials target senior trainers as well as technical service providers that service to cotton producers and processors. These products were the end-result of participatory need- assessment and reflection workshops organized by iCRA, representing all involved public and private institutions in the different C4 countries.  

C4CP Impact

Through C4CP’s support to public and private institutions; the identification and dissemination process of new cotton technologies accelerated. The program resulted in more equitable access to goods and services for women producers and strengthened cotton partnerships at the regional level.


IFDC and Cultural Practice


Production, Partnerships, Value Chain, Agribusiness

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