University of Ségou (2013-2017)

Strengthening professional training capacity at the University of Ségou



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Organisational Strengthening

This project was developed to strengthen the capacity of the University of Segou’s Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine to contribute to food security in Mali, and to the country’s economic development by improving the agricultural value chains.

Specific objectives:

  • To strengthen the faculty’s ability to deliver diplomas, research, and services, empowering specific agricultural value chains, contributing to improve the food security in the Segou Region, taking employment market needs and gender equity into consideration.
  • To improve the situation of female staff and students and integrate gender issues in education, research, and outreach services.

iCRA’s role

As consortium leader, iCRA is responsible for overall project management. iCRA implements capacity strengthening through tailor made training courses and by developing partnerships with the labour market and local actors, with an emphasis on gender equality.

Achievements to date

The project inception workshop took place in Segou in May 2014. In November 2014, six senior staff from the University of Segou took part in an three-week iCRA course on ‘Interactive learning, action research and outreach in higher education’, in Wageningen, followed by a technical meeting between all consortium members in the Netherlands. In March 2015, the vice-rector and the vice-dean of the University of Segou’s Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine undertook a study trip to Montpellier, facilitated by iCRA.

Since then:

  • Three (3) students’ received grants and embarked on a PhD (in France, Benin, and Senegal)
  • Four (4) students received grants and started an MSc (one in France, one in Burkina Faso, two in Benin)
  • Studies were executed on the job market and on the strengthening capacities needs for academic and administrative staff
  • Trainings were executed on Research, TIC, HIV, Interactive learning / Action research and outreach
  • The FAMA strategy for external relationships has been elaborated
  • Two Master programmes in Agro Economy and Hydrology have been designed
  • Equipment and materials for laboratory, offices, transport have been acquired


University of Ségou, Supagro and 2IE.


food security, Mali, gender, agriculture, value chains

This project is an example of iCRA’s work on Organisational Strengthening.
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