Cees van Rij

Born and raised on a mixed dairy farm, Cees did not lose track of his farming roots since most of his work experience has been related to agriculture and cooperative business development in the Netherlands, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Throughout his career Cees advocates for strong agricultural producer organisations and cooperatives as drivers of rural and agricultural development. His mission is to serve the farming community worldwide with his skills and expertise on (cooperative) agribusiness development and reengineering, change management, strategy development, partnership development, program management and servant leadership.

At iCRA, Cees is responsible for the international positioning and coordination of iCRA’s Agribusiness training & advisory division, including acquisition, relationship management and account management of senior accounts in Africa and Latin America. He enjoys working with dedicated, creative, and cheerful people.


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Agribusiness Coordinator

 +31 (0)610 888 314