Hanneke Bouta Vermeulen


A creative mind that cannot be contained – that is Hanneke. She brings her creativity and passion to work all day, every day.  When she has found a moment to catch her breath after jumping off her “speed pedelec” – which brings her the 40 km’s from home to work with an estimated of 45 km/h! – she typically jumps right into action mode.

Hanneke is driven by her desire to learn. Digging deeper and learning how learning works gives her energy and motivates her in her work at iCRA!

Hanneke led the CDAIS efforts for iCRA in Ethiopia and is an engaging trainer who successfully helps stakeholders to navigate innovation processes in complex environments. Growing up in Italy and living and working abroad for many years have helped her understand that different settings and different cultures need different approaches.

Being the critical thinker that she is, sometimes means Hanneke asks the tough questions. This makes her a great sparring partner. Just like our other colleagues, she brings something special to the mix that increases our quality as a team.

Hanneke is coordinating iCRA’s efforts in developing agriculture & education programmes across the globe. Hanneke is determined to develop the best ideas and match them with the best experts within our organization and partner network.

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Learning + Training

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