Mariette Gross


Mariette is the type of colleague of whom you know when she is in the office; in a good way! She is known to get things done with an incredible sense of humor and positivity. It might be hard to tell her something is not possible. Mariette will find a way!

Building bridges could be the only two words to describe her on her business card.

Because that is exactly what she does; building bridges between theory and practice, between participants, sectors and within networks and value chains.

Driven by her passion to get people moving, to help them kickstart processes of change, she works tirelessly on educational and agribusiness projects. Since April 2020 she is the iCRA director.

It is this same vigor and entrepreneurial attitude that made her so successful in coaching and training agri-professionals in all over the world. Mariette is often praised on her ability to translate ideas to the local challenges partners and participants deal with. Living in Europe, Africa and Asia, gave Mariette the insight and experiences needed to anticipate so effortlessly to different realities.

Mariette’s trainings & courses held over the last 20(!) years, have helped hundreds of experts, facilitators, and advisors from all over the world, to improve their training, facilitation and negotiation skills.

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Executive Director

  +31 (0)317 422 938