Nicole Uwimana


Nicole believes that ‘’everything is figure-out-able” meaning that every problem has a solution no matter what! She has an entrepreneurial mind and a problem-solving outlook regardless of whether the challenge is personal or professional. 

Everything is figure-out-able!

Despite being born and raised in Burundi, Nicole began her adult life in Sweden where she moved at 18 years old. She lived in Sweden for more than 10 years studying political science and then starting her carrier at the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency within the Africa Department. Her ambition was always to return to Africa one day and use her intercultural experience facilitating knowledge transfer and collaboration between Africa and the rest of the world. By acting as a bridge she aims to help international organizations make an impact and contribute to the development of Africa.

Since 2018, Nicole has been working in Africa as a social entrepreneur and a projects coordinator for various international organizations. She specializes in skills development, social innovation, women and youth development. Nicole is also known as a public speaker on subjects related to gender, women empowerment and personal development.

Since October 2023, Nicole joined iCRA as an Educational Expert, where she is very pleased to find a multicultural environment that enriches iCRA’s work in different countries. Training, empowering and facilitating partnership start with a sense of humanity and the ability of an organization to learn and benefit from the different backgrounds of it’s people.

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Practice based education and Youth employability

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