Nuffic Scholarships MSP and OKP open now!

June 28, 2023

A great Opportunity to Join an iCRA Course with most of your costs covered!

From June 28th until September 5th 2023, Nuffic is offering a new round of scholarships; between 28th of June and September 5th people can apply. This is a fantastic chance for professionals to enrol in a course and take their professional journey to the next level. In this blog we explain how it works. 

Who is Nuffic and why they provide scholarships?
Nuffic is the Dutch organization for internationalization in education, responsible for promoting international cooperation and facilitating educational exchanges. One of their goals is to support ambitious professionals in becoming catalysts for sustainable development in their respective countries. Our iCRA courses on agri-business, agri-education, and research qualify for two different types of Nuffic scholarships: the MENA Scholarship Program (MSP) and the Orange Knowledge Program (OKP). Those scholarships covering the course costs (and a part of the additional costs). To qualify, participants need to meet certain requirements. 

How can you apply for an iCRA course funded by an MSP or OKP scholarship?
Start by checking our list of current courses that are open for MSP or OKP scholarships. Find the one that aligns best with your position and ambitions. Next, ensure that you meet all the requirements of either the MSP or OKP program. Be aware that both programs have different criteria! If you meet the requirements for both, consider opting for the MSP as it offers a higher chance of success. 

Subscription Procedure
Once you have decided on the course you want to pursue, apply for it on the iCRA website. We offer courses in English and others in French. Make sure you choose one in a language you are proficient in. Simultaneously, apply for a scholarship on the Nuffic page. Fill in all the necessary information, attach all the required documents, and pay careful attention to your motivational text. 

What’s next?
Patience is key. Nuffic is going to process all applications and will select a limited number of subscribers. On average, six weeks after the subscription period ends, you will receive the results and find out if you have been awarded the scholarship. Rest assured; we will inform you as soon as possible!

Does this opportunity sound interesting to you? Check the requirements for OKP and MSP and ensure that you subscribe before September 5th. Stay tuned because iCRA will soon organize a webinar to address any questions you may have regarding the scholarship programs and the iCRA courses. We will also share valuable tips to enhance your chances of success! 

Of course, you are more than welcome to join the courses at your own expense. Alternatively, you might consider approaching your employer to explore the possibility of them investing in your professional development and enhancing your skills.