Meet Your Trainers

These are your trainers for the course “Making Innovation Work”

Mariëtte Gross

Mariëtte is known for her humor and willingness to try out new things. Her training courses, held over the last 20 years, have helped hundreds of experts, facilitators, and advisors to improve their facilitation and negotiation skills.

As a facilitator and entrepreneur in East and West Africa Mariëtte hones the skills of course participants’ to help them make better business deals and build and sustain fruitful partnerships.

Mariette graduated in communication and innovation from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and is a certified communication trainer.

In the course “Making innovation work” Mariette delivers training on facilitation and negotiation skills that will help to overcome any challenge in multi-stakeholder processes.

Hanneke Vermeulen

Hanneke is coordinating the course “Making innovation work”. She is a graduate from Wageningen University with more than 10 years’ experience managing, supervising and providing implementation support to agricultural projects in Africa.

She will deliver training on brokering in agricultural innovation systems. In addition to that, Hanneke will facilitate the field exercise in the Netherlands and link this experience with realities worldwide.

She is idealistic and thrives when working together.  She is known for her flexibility, creativity and her openness to reflect and learn.

Juan Ceballos-Müller

Juan’s passion is helping people to jointly learn to solve a problem in the wider context of agricultural and rural development, facilitating multi-stakeholder learning processes and kick-starting project activities, moving from design to action.

Juan’s background is bi-cultural, Colombian/German; and he graduated in Agricultural Science and International Agricultural Development. Soon after his studies his talent for inspiring learning among people was discovered and he is now over 25 years active in the capacity development field.

What characterises Juan’s approach in ICRA courses is that he builds upon the experience and knowledge of the participants, he facilitates a learning process, which goals have been jointly defined with the diverse participants involved, who own the learning programme.