Your iCRA Trainers

Mariëtte Gross

Mariëtte is known for her humor and willingness to try out new things. During her carrier, spanning 20 years, she has helped hundreds of experts and university lecturers on effective training design and delivery. With her support trainers are able to motivate their trainees to be proactive, enhance skills in a practical way and get their message across with confidence.

As a project leader for the capacity building of Tertiary Education Institutes herself, Mariëtte has first-hand experience that has made her acutely aware of the challenges that trainers and lecturers face every day.

Mariette graduated from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and is a certified communication trainer.

In this course Mariette delivers training on pedagogy for trainers, session design and delivery that will help any lecturer prepare her/his students for a competitive job market.

Hanneke Vermeulen

Hanneke is coordinating the course “Making innovation work”. She is a graduate from Wageningen University with more than 10 years’ experience managing, supervising and providing implementation support to agricultural projects in Africa.

She will deliver training on brokering in agricultural innovation systems. In addition to that, Hanneke will facilitate the field exercise in the Netherlands and link this experience with realities worldwide.

She is idealistic and thrives when working together.  She is known for her flexibility, creativity and her openness to reflect and learn.

Mundie Salm

Mundie likes to find ways to get people to learn better, and to design learning processes that are inclusive. She has worked for the last 14 years on education projects at primary, secondary and tertiary levels throughout Africa, as well as a long-running project in Afghanistan.

Described as a caring and enthusiastic facilitator, her focuses are curriculum development, power and gender issues. She also facilitates writeshops to help people write readable stories about the work they are doing.

Mundie thrives in multi-cultural environments where everyone has a different experience to share and learn from. Growing up in Canada in a Dutch household, and later living in Africa and Europe, being at the interface of diverse communities is her ‘normal’.